Best Large Purchase Loan

Centennial Funding can help you finance your best large purchase loan.

Major purchase loan financing

Making a huge purchase takes a lot of planning. Whether you need to get a new car, a house renovation, or you are building your vacation home, your decision should be backed by careful preparation.

While saving a large amount is a common practice, you have other options you can consider that can be fast and convenient. A major purchase loan financing helps you get your dream purchase if you do not have a large sum of money on hand.

A major purchase loan allows you to make the big purchase and enjoy its benefits while you pay the lender on an installment basis, depending on the terms you agreed on. Many consider getting loans for funding because it is practical, convenient, and gives you flexibility in payment. 

Centennial Funding can help you get a large purchase loan with flexible financing options. We offer the best solution to pay off debts with low interest rates and no hidden charges. Talk to our financial advisors for a free consultation.

Best large purchase loan

How to qualify for our large purchase loan

Getting a large purchase loan is easy if you are qualified to get one. The qualifications generally look into your existing loans, credit score, and your overall financial capacity.

Below are the qualifications you need to consider before you start your application:

No outstanding debts.

No outstanding debts.

Make sure you no longer have outstanding loans in other lending companies. It would be best if you erased your existing debts to improve your credit score, which makes it easier for us to approve your application.

Stable income.

You need to receive a stable and enough income every month that can cover expenses during the time you are paying back your loan.

Stable income.


You increase the chances of being approved if you have a co-borrower who can co-sign on the loan. By having a co-borrower, you are both responsible in paying every month for your balance.

Once you are qualified within these requirements, you can now look for a reputable company to apply for a loan.

Centennial Funding provides competitive rates and easy application process. Book an appointment today to know how you can start with the application.

Planning for a large purchase? Centennial Funding will help you achieve the things you’ve wanted.

How does our large purchase loan works?

You can get a major purchase loan from any bank, online lender, or credit union that offers loan. Upon qualification, you discuss with our finance officer the loan amounts, interest rates, payment terms, and other details that are related to your loan. It would help if you also discuss your goals to our trusted advisors so we can assess and recommend the best steps to move forward.

Interest rates may vary among lenders. It is best to do your own research on different rates offered by financial institutions and choose the best deal that aligns with your financial standing. 

Centennial Funding offers the lowest rates for personal loans so you can save more for your future payments. Talk to us to know the total amount you need to pay monthly on top of the interest rate.

How does our large purchase loan works

Benefits of our Large Purchase Loan

Benefits of our Large Purchase Loan

A large purchase loan gives you a wider range of uses. Use your large purchase loan to fund your plans such as house renovation, vacation home construction, a new car, or even to pay off your existing debt

The benefits include:

  • Lower interest rates. Get a purchase loan with lower interest rates compared to credit cards.
  • Stable interest rates. No need to worry about inflation as you stick with a stable interest rates.
  • No collateral. You do not neet to put other assests as collateral. 
  • Increase credit score. A big loan boosts your credit score. 

Easy application. Apply fast and conveniently without hidden charges.

Why Choose Centennial Funding for your large purchase loan?

A large purchase loan is a big move and you need the right partner as you make the first step. Centennial Funding provides you with a fast, easy, and safe option to get a loan.

Fair rates.

We offer the lowest rates so you can save more money.

Easy application process.

You can apply fast and conveniently without hidden charges.

Responsive customer service

You can count on us to answer your questions right away.

Safe and secured information.

We value every borrower’s personal information. Any details given to us are guaranteed safe and secured.

Large Purchase Loan Calculation

If you want to find out the estimated amount you can borrow or your monthly payment dues, Centennial Funding can give you a large purchase loan calculation. You may request one from any of our financial advisors who are ready to assist you with your concerns.

Large Purchase Loan Calculation


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